Register for your wedding with Jumbo Judaica of Texas

If you'd like to register with us for your jewish wedding, please fill out the form below and one of our associates will be back with you shortly to confirm receipt and to discuss your selections in detail. Once you make your selections of items, we'll work with you to choose your style, favorite colors and designers, etc. If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact us at  (713) 774-7704

Wedding Registry Form

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Bride Name:
Table Top
Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup
Challah Board
Challah Cover
Challah Knife
Havdalah Set
Mayim Acharonim
Kiddush Fountain
Napkin/Bencher Holder
Table Cloth
For the Home
Washing Cup
Hand Wash Towels
Shabbos Lamp
Please type lamp color below.
Seder plate
Matza Cover
Photo frames/albums
Wall Art Framed (Home Blessing)
Tzedakah Box
Mezuzah Cover
Mezuzah Parchments
Wedding Mezuzah
Charity Box
"Break the Glass" Wedding Bag
Safed Candles/Deco Candles
For the Kitchen
Kitchen Kosher Items
Serving Pieces/Utensils
Serving Platters/Trays
Salad Serving Set - Pomegranate Design
For the Bookshelf
Kosher By Design - 5 vol. set
Kosher by Design - Teens and 20 somethings
Kosher By Design
Lubavitch Womens Cookbook
Quick and Kosher
Bais Yakov
Millennial Kosher
Rising Book of Challah
Tanach H/E
Chumash H/E
Book of Our Heritage 3 Vol.
Midrash Says
Gateway to Judaism
Toward of Meaningful Life
The Committed Marriage (Jungreiss)
The Garden of Peace (Men Only)
Women's Wisdom (Women Only)
Women's Guide to the Laws of Niddah (Artscroll)
Kitzur Dinei Taharah (Chabad)
The Secret of Jewish Femininity
Vedibartabam - Marriage
For the Holidays
Honey Dish/Tray
Etrog Box
Menorah (Oil/Candle)