Upsheren Registry

If you'd like to register with us for your son's Upsheren, please fill out the form below and one of our associates will be back with you shortly to confirm receipt. Once you've submitted the form, we will be in touch with you to discuss color and size preferences. If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact us at  (713) 774-7704.

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Date of Simcha
Date of Simcha
Shabbat Wooden Set
Shabbat Plush Set
Torah Plush
Torah Wood Scroll
Torah Wood Scroll
Jewish Picture Bingo
Alef Bet Adventure
Mitzvah Match Memory
Alef Bet Train Puzzle
Alef Bet Puzzle - Wood
Chanukah Menorah
Charity Box
Yarmulka iKippa "color me"
Yarmulka Deco Clips
Cotton Tzitzes
Cotton Knit Tzitzes
Cotton Hand Painted Tzitzes
Wool Tzitzes
My Very Own Play Tallit
"Yeled Tov"
Wine cup - sterling
Wine cup - silver filled
Negelvassar *
Siddur Shema Koleinu Songbook
Nigunei Chabad Songbook
Siddur Book/CO sing-a-long
Children's Siddur - Artscroll
Children's Siddur - Chabad
My Little Siddur
Bracha Do You Know?
For the Book Shelf
My First Parsha Reader Vol. 1
My First Parsha Reader Vol. 2
My First Parsha Reader Vol. 3
My First Parsha Reader Vol. 4
My First Parsha Reader Vol. 5
What Do Prayers Do?
My Upsherin Book
Moishy Turns 3
What did Pinny Do
Muchnick Classics (6)
Goodnight My Friend Aleph
Alef to TAV
Aleph-Bais Trip
My Very Own Letter
Very Best Place for a Penny
Chanuka Guess Who?